Slime Molds

The Myxomycetes of Britain and Ireland: An Identification Handook.  
      by Bruce Ing  
The introductory chapters cover life history, structure, ecology and distribution, how to find and collect material, bark culture techniques, microscopic examination and herbarium storage. The main section of the book is devoted to identification and includes keys, descriptions and illustrations showing the diagnostic features. In the account for each species are notes on differences from other species, reference to other published illustrations, comments on ecology and distribution and useful tips on collection and identification. No previous knowledge of the group is required and the book includes all those species of true myxomycetes, plus one ceratiomyxomycete and one acrasian, known to have occurred in Great Britain and Ireland. There are over 500 line illustrations, a useful bibliography and a comprehensive index. 1999. 394 pp. Richmond Publishing Company.