The Mad River Press

 Mad River Press (MRP) is a small publishing company, started in 1973 by three biology professors at Humboldt State University who wished to make available an inexpensive, but quality means of publication. On October 15, 1973, MRP received its first check for our first book: How to Identify Mushrooms to Genus I: Macroscopic Features the format of which was 8.5 X 11", typed instead of typeset, and with a stapled binding.
      Between 1973 and 1997, 42 books, 3 calendars, and 1 child's coloring book have been published. 29 of these publications are still available.
     We operate on a small scale and keep overhead expenses to a minimum so as to keep book prices as low as possible. As a publisher, we provide the services of bookmaking, advertising and distribution.

The Mad River Press is owned by four individuals:   

Business Manager: David L. Largent (
Bookkeeper and Office Manager Pamela R. Largent (
Editors: Virginia Waters (
  James F. Waters (
Our books are distributed outside of North and South America, Asia, and Australia by the
Our printing is done by the
Richmond Publishing Company
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Eureka Printing Company
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If you are contemplating a publication that we might help you with, we invite you to contact us.